Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do these EVERY week?

Yes! Well, technically. Sometimes life happens, or I go see Raw live. In those cases, there will be an amended version (typically using the Hulu version of RAW as reference).

These are great! Have you considered doing this for ____ as well?

Yep! If you’ve thought of it, I probably have too (and have it on a long crazy list). The thing is, while I really do enjoy doing the Raw Breakdowns, it is a huge undertaking in regards to prep, timing, note taking, and then actually designing the final product. Total time (including watching RAW) for each Breakdown every week takes me about 5 hours. To do it for every PPV/NXT/Smackdown/etc. would be a lot of work.

Now, this doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. If you contribute to my Patreon every month, things like PPV Breakdowns and even the SmackDown Breakdown Project are on the list of goals!

How do you define and time each segment?

Commercials: Pretty self-explanatory. I count WWE, national, and local commercials all together.

Announcers: Any time the camera is focused on the Announce team in between segments. This includes the “coming up” graphics where the Announce Team discusses upcoming segments and matches.

Action: The matches–can be scheduled, or be impromptu. Must have a referee present. Timer will start when/if the first entrance music hits, and ends when the camera cuts to the next segment. If the match is already in progress when we return from commercial, the timer will start then. Match timer is paused for commercial breaks.

Promo: Any non-match segment that occurs in ring. Promos before matches do not count (as they are considered part of the match segment). If there is a promo that results in a match, the segments are counted separately.

Backstage: Again, pretty self-explanatory. Anything that happens backstage or “offsite.”

Recaps: I only time recaps when they are “separate” from the segment at hand. Examples: the opening “last week/on Smackdown” before Raw starts, or, the come back to commercial “what happened prior” before we segue into another segment. I consider the recaps within segments (the ones relevant to the one at hand) as part of the segment.


How do you break down segments? Say, if there’s a promo and a match in the same segment?

It depends. Once there is a commercial break, or a cut to the back/commentary team (unless it’s in the middle of a match) I consider the segment ended.

Example: Opening segment is Roman Reigns cutting a promo. The Authority interrupts and places him in a match with Big Show.

There’s a commercial break and we return to the match in progress.

The promo with Roman Reigns/Authority and the match with Reigns/Big Show are two individual segments and are timed separately.

Why don’t the Hourly Breakdowns add up to 100%? What’s the white chunk in the pie charts represent

Because there are a few things that kind of collectively fall into the “Other” category. The majority of the time they’re video packages (Hall of Fame induction announcements, packages played during Black History month, packages played during Breast Cancer Awareness month, promoting someone’s return, etc.)


Why didn’t you track ____?

Because I didn’t notice, or I realized it too late or I didn’t find it interesting enough. Hit me up and maybe I’ll track it next week!

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